Book Review: Walk It Out

In “Walk It Out“, Tricia doesn’t shy away from challenging the Christian follower. Be ready to be challenged to the core to walk out your Christian faith by obeying God’s Word and impacting the world or don’t read this book. I can guarantee that if you take the challenge to read “Walk It Out“, you will never look at your Christian life the same again.    
She quotes,
God designed us for a purpose that will impact His kingdom. The purpose we all share as Christ followers is to worship God, love Him, love others, and live a godly life.

Tricia capitalizes on this in “Walk It Out” – our purpose as Christian followers. I would read one chapter and think “This is a challenge, but I believe that I can walk out my faith in this area with God’s help”, and then, Tricia would begin the next chapter with a whole new way to walk out my faith.
How did she know that she had to keep challenging me chapter after chapter in order to understand the broadness and depth of walking out my faith?
Each chapter for me was a time of reflection and self-examination, yet one that I couldn’t get enough off. In fact, I read the whole book in one day, and probably highlighted 50% of it, in order to go back and savor the points that I wanted to focus on. 
While I read, I knew that each “Walk It Out” opportunity and story she brought up could be applied to my life and often times, it meant going beyond my comfort zone, to step out farther, to overcome my fear, and even, go against the status quo. Yet in those moments that I began to question, “Can I really do this?” Tricia would be there to say,  
Yes, God may sometimes call you to something beyond your natural bent or abilities, but trust that as you follow Him you’ll discover more about yourself and your capabilities than you ever dreamed possible. More than that, you’ll discover more about God – His character and His ways.
Now, how can I argue with that? Discover more about God, the One Who is All and Who is there to walk with me through it all. Ok, God. No more fear. No more standing on the side lines. No more “but I ______”. Instead, I will trust God, because others need to see me “walking out the Word of God and daring to do what it says.”
Tricia’s style of writing is gripping. There is absolutely no other way to say it. I will be reading the book again.
What about you? Are ready to take the challenge and truly walk out your faith, or you are comfortable staying right where you at? 
I highly recommend this book for any Christian follower ready to walk out their faith – by doing what God’s Word says for you to do, and even better, grab some other Christian friends, and take on the challenge together! Friends, let’s make a difference! The world needs you and me to “Walk It Out“!      
I received a complimentary review copy by the publisher and author as a part of the launch team. This review is my honest opinion.

Women often pack their lives with family, friends, and faithful service, yet still end up feeling empty and unfulfilled. In Walk It Out, Tricia Goyer demonstrates to women that walking out the mandates of Scripture allows God to spark passion and mission within them.

Learn more about Tricia Goyer and purchase a copy of Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God’s Word One Step at a Time. #walkitout 

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