RELIEP’s 2nd Conference [October 2018]

Last month, the RELIEP leaders decided two things which we are committed to partnering with them in:

  1. To legally incorporate
  2. Date for the 2nd RELIEP National Conference

RELIEP asked that Mike bring a lawyer to the RELIEP meetings in April to walk them through the basic legal requirements for incorporating.

During the meetings, Mike observed the empowering effect it had on the leaders as they discussed the things important to them and how they would assume financial responsibility for the sustainability of their own entity.

While RELIEP is connected internationally through the Trans Amazon Network of First Nations Leaders, they genuinely grasp autonomy and local responsibility. 

The dates for the next National RELIEP Conference will be October 5-7, 2018!

God did amazing things the first conference that was held in 2015, and we are expecting no less next year. Already, volunteers are calling Mike and offering their help. We are trusting God for sufficient donations to invite international keynote speakers and cover logistical cost. 

If you would like to serve and be a huge blessing to the Pastors and Leadership Network of Paraguay, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Body of Christ working together in unity is essential to complete the task of making disciples of Jesus Christ in all the world! 

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