Pray for RELIEP National Conference 2018

It was a huge blessing to accompany the RELIEP leaders as they partnered with an Ava Guarani local church and community to be the host for the Second National RELIEP Conference in October 2018. We toured the community and prayed together and committed all the details into God’s hands as we begin to plan out yet another historical event in the First Nations church movement. 

The RELIEP Conference of 2015 was one of reconciliation between the “Three Waves”. So much has happened since then! God has been doing an amazing work in the hearts of Christian leaders in both Paraguayan and First Nations hearts. The Westerners are also beginning to open up to the realty that God is raising up a new kind of missions strategy. 

Please pray for Paraguay! While experiencing amazing progress, we also continually face opposition from the least likely places or people. 

Christ is raising up His Body to reach into areas traditionally resistant to the Gospel. We believe that it won’t be long before we see First Nations missionaries, being sent out from Paraguay and into other countries. 


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