Pastor’s Retreat – Coronel Bogado, Paraguay

Through our commitment to work under the leadership and direction of the Paraguayan Association of Evangelical Churches (ASIEP) and the First Nations Evangelical Leadership Network of Paraguay (RELIEP), our opportunities for ministry have exploded.

This month, we were invited to share in a Pastor’s Retreat held in southern Paraguay where over 50 people gathered for training in Worldview and the Role of the Local Church in the Community. 
There were break-out groups where individuals worked through an exercise to help identify root problems found within the communities in which their churches are located. It was fascinating to see the lights turn on when they discovered that so many of the social problems stem from worldview issues and that God’s Word provides answers. 

Several Pastors gave testimonies of their renewed commitment to make a difference in their communities by becoming intentional. The Director of the Facilitators of Justice of the Supreme Court challenged the Pastors to utilize their Community Centers to bring workshops based on values and principles. One Pastor shared with us what a blessing it was for him to be asked to pray for different people’s needs that would surface during the Community Meetings. 

We believe that a local church engaged in “Jerusalem” will also have impact in “Judea, Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) 

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