Video Blog: Church supports First Nations missionary

We want to support the First Nations missionary family that you told us about during the church service. We will commit to $110 USD a month for one year!

I was blown away, but not surprised. I had spoken in this local church several times over the years and continually have challenged them to get involved in ministry among First Nations in Paraguay.  

When I see the national Paraguayan church and First Nation churches investing funds, it is a clear sign of commitment and sacrifice. A local church that is generous and looking for ways to bless others is a thriving church.

A Mbya Guarani Christian leader and missionary last week shared with me:

Mike, my wife planted a field of sweet potatoes and made certain that I understood that 10% was dedicated to the Lord’s work. I’m also starting a small honey business in cooperation with other men, and we have all committed to giving 10% of the honey to the Lord. 

Wow! God is going to bless this man, his family, and income, due to their faithfulness before the Lord. A believer that is generous and looking for ways to bless others is a thriving disciple.

Check out our video for more updates!  

– We praise the Lord for a Paraguayan church, who has committed to supporting a First Nations Leader for 600.000gs (approx. $110 a month).
– We praise the Lord for a Paraguayan organization that gave a donation of 2.00.000gs (approx. $400) to the First Nations Leadership Network. 
– We praise the Lord for a family in the USA who gave a donation to print 10,000 Spanish workbooks by GoodSeed of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. 
– We praise the Lord for an organization in Irelandthat is giving a donation of 10,000 GoodSeed books in Spanish called “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus”
– Join us in praying for the finances needed for the I-FILM training in July.
– Join us in praying for the Bosscher family, who are coming to Paraguay in July with SIM.
– Join us in praying for more partners in ministry – financially as well as coworkers to serve in various roles. 


Video Blog: Chipa tasting for Semana Santa

Join our family on a Semana Santa outing to taste different kinds of chipa!

Semana Santa is Holy Week. Paraguay is a predominately Catholic nation and because of this, the celebration starts on the Wednesday prior to Easter Sunday. For the Paraguayans, this week represents religious festivities, vacation days off of work, travel interior to visit family, lots of traditional foods, and homemade chipa! 

Chipa is a cheese bread made from cassava flour and is a very popular snack in Paraguay. The best hot beverage that accompanies chipa is mate cocido.

Get a taste of Paraguay by watching the video!

Partnering with Church Leadership

Two years ago, we signed a memorandum of agreement between several organizations, to jointly contribute toward the strengthening of local churches in Paraguay and their leadership. Although our specific role has been to raise awareness and provide training in the area of intercultural ministry with the First Nations church, our contribution and consultancy is also influencing other areas.

This week, we were invited to a work retreat of the leading evangelical church leaders, where we participated in various meetings on strategic planning, which will set the course for the next few years. The leaders are divided into six different areas of focus:

  1. Prayer and Communion with God
  2. Pro-Life and Pro-Family
  3. Worldview
  4. Love in Action
  5. Evangelism, Discipleship, and Missions
  6. Pastors Caring for Pastors

For the Prayer network, we are providing prayer requests in relationship to ministry among First Nations. 

For the Worldview team, we are offering Chronological Bible Teaching materials and training on how to teach in the narrative for worldview change.

We serve on the Love in Action team and are bringing pastors and organization leaders together to understand poverty and the Biblical approach to holistic empowerment through the message of the Gospel and the love of Christ.   

For the Evangelism, Discipleship, and Missions team, we are providing evangelism tools and training.

Our desire is for the urban Paraguayans to become better equipped to work with the rural Guarani-speaking Paraguayans and with First Nations groups.

As our own international connections grow and increase, we will be connecting these future partners with the men and women of Paraguay that are working very hard to see the Gospel not only impact people for eternity, but also to be salt and light in present times.


Do you have a gift, skill, or resources that God is leading you to invest? 

Consider partnering with us in Paraguay and be a part of the exciting things that He is doing here!


God Provides!

The Holy Spirit prompted the heart of a retired couple to make a donation that will allow us to print the Workbook for Stranger on the Road to Emmaus in Spanish! With this seed money, we will be able to print 10,000 workbooks.

Another organization in Ireland is printing several thousand Stranger on the Road to Emmaus books in Spanish and will donate 10,000 to our ministry as a tool to train Christian leaders and evangelists. 

You may not be able to travel to Paraguay and help us with the day-to-day ministry, but your financial partnership is essential, whether large or small.

Visit our website to see where your giving can have an impact: Partners For Paraguay Projects

Video Blog: Enxet Sur Audio Bible dedication

We had the opportunity to attend and film the Faith Comes By Hearing presentation of the Enxet NT audio Bible (Proclaimer).

During the dedication, Tim Curtis, Bible translator for the Enxet First Nations ethnic group of Paraguay, shared his joy of seeing God's Word impacting the people he has worked alongside for many years. 

Mike's grandparents, Robert Sr. and Helen Goddard, had their very first, cross-cultural ministry assignment in 1955 among the Enxet Sur people! The community of Makthlawaiya, where they lived for 4 years, had been founded by the Anglican Church in 1891.

125 years later, the Enxet have the entire Bible in their language and now the New Testament in audio.

During the next few months, our goal is to facilitate the dubbing of the Jesus Film in Enxet and provide any assistance SIM may need to record the OT in audio.

Please keep the Enxet in your prayers as they grow and mature in their faith and transition into a missionary-sending group.  

Adopt an Initiative

By clicking on the photo of each initiative, it will take you to Partners For Paraguay, where you can discover partnership opportunities.

I-FILM Training for 5 First Nation churches
RELIEP Start-up Fund
Abuse awareness and prevention
Annual Leadership Training Seminar
Mobile Media Outreach
The Hope Film in Guarani
King Of Glory Film in Guarani
Resource Assessment
Stranger on the Road to Emmaus in Guarani
Print 10,000 Spanish Workbooks


Feel free to write and ask for more details on how you can be involved.

Word of God Changes Lives

A blind girl receives a Messenger from In Touch Ministries.

Her native tongue is Guarani, and she speaks some Spanish. The content on the Messenger is in both languages as well as the Guarani New Testament.

Our friend, Daniel, gave her the Messenger and travels frequently into her community to witness and share the Gospel.

Last year, Mike spoke at the inauguration ceremony of their new, small church building.

Recently, missionary Ramon Diaz shared the Messenger with a man whom he discovered later was headed out that evening to commit murder. After listening to a message, he met Christ and repented of his plan.
SIM placed 1,000 Audio Bibles in Guarani in our hands to be distributed in the Amambay region where Mike's sister lives! Pray that the Word of God has a huge impact in the lives of the locals.

Be ALL There

Be ALL there, mama.

Ignore those notifications that keep lighting up your cell phone screen. Set aside the camera. Turn off the music. You can be all there and embrace the moment.

As I was reflecting on last year and looking ahead to this year, the word EMBRACE continued to stand out, and my need to be ALL there. I realized that I often am on my own agenda and rushing through a day without taking the time to truly embrace what God has for me and to be ALL there.

It is summer here in Paraguay. Our Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of friends going to the creek or the beach, except of course, for those friends who live in the USA and are buried in snow. So as we sit here in 100+ degree weather, working with the ac on high, as a family we are continually joking around that we could have our bags packed and leave for Brazil anytime to enjoy a few days at the beach.

Continue reading this article on Raising Generations Today: Be ALL There

Chronological Bible Teaching

We have partnered with New Tribes Mission this year to put on the second training seminar in Paraguay for Chronological Bible Teaching.

Our target audience is Paraguayan pastors and missionaries and will be held from June 12-16 in Asuncion. 

The goal is too gain a Biblical worldview by seeing history from God's perspective.

We strongly believe that God's Word is a meta narrative with His Story of redemption as central. Our worldviews are "turned upside down" when we realize how intimately our stories are intertwined with God's.