Other Activities in September 2017

INTERVIEW ON TV: Mike and Cipriano Ayala were invited this month to talk about First Nations on a Christian TV program. It was Cipriano’s first time on television. His comment to Mike was,

Your ministry in Asuncion is essential for the tribal voice to be heard. This is yet another example of what ’empowerment’ looks like!

SURVEY TRIP: Mike and Kaleb made a trip to visit Wayne Goddard (Mike’s cousin), and together, they visited a region of the country where many Ava Guarani have yet to hear the Gospel.

We are excited how God is leading Wayne and that we could have a small part in his ministry by surveying with him. We even traveled into Brazil where there are several communities. 

TRAINING SEMINAR: In partnership with ASIEP, Mike has began training teachers in how to use The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus material.

This month, we presented to 40 Pastors and Christian leaders an overview. Many are asking for follow-up sessions in their local churches and denominations.  The next session in October will be done without Mike’s help.

YOUTH CAMP: The Ache youth of Cerro Moroti had a camp organized by a Paraguayan ministry. Mike was invited to take a couple of sessions to teach the Word of God.

It’s always fun for our family to visit the community and church where Mike grew up and was baptized. Each time we visit, people ask about all the missionaries that used to live there and what they are doing at present. 


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