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I’m so excited that I had a part on Stacey Thacker’s launch team for “Is Jesus Worth It?“! This article was inspired by the book. Learn more about “Is Jesus Worth It?” and read my book review here.

Stories of excitement, passion, hardships, and challenges. Stories that show a heart of obedience as well as disobedience. Stories that shout out God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Each of us have a story. Each one is unique. Yet often times, we have a hard time moving beyond our fear to speak up and share it.

“I know that there are girls who need to hear your story. Will you teach a session?” This was the question asked of me by a friend recently, who also happens to be the director of a Paraguayan organization which organizes a yearly missions event for youth.  

Instead, of answering with a direct “No.”, I decided to get the focus off of me and mention other women, whose testimonies would be challenging and who I know would be more than happy to be asked to teach a session. My friend responded by saying, “I will definitely consider those ladies too, but I want YOU to share your story. Talk to Mike and get back with me in a few weeks.”   

During this time, I was reading “Is Jesus Worth It?: A Girlfriends Guide to the Bible” on the book of Hebrews where I came upon the verse Hebrews 6:1 that says, …move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity…
How often do I wish that I could remain right where I am and not have to grow? Yet God knew that I needed to be nudged, and He used Stacey’s book on the book of Hebrews to challenge me in two ways:


God used the exclamation point of stories throughout His Word…causing people to lean in and listen. – Stacey Thacker
As I reflected on different people in the Bible and their stories, they were normal people, just like you and me. Take Moses, who gave excuses why he shouldn’t be going to Pharoah; Abraham, who often took matters in his own hands; and Jonah, who ran the completely opposite direction of where God asked Him to go. I could read each of their stories and move on, OR I could lean in and learn from them – men and women of faith who struggled just like I do.
I AM goes with you, Moses. I AM ENOUGH.
I know what is best for you, Abraham. TRUST ME. 
Don’t run, Jonah. OBEY ME. 
His call may seem big, but He bears the greater side of the burden of that calling. – Stacey Thacker
God is not asking me to move beyond by myself. I can tell my story and encourage others to lean in and listen to how God has worked in my life. I can tell how I have been transformed by the Gospel and how He is the Writer of my story. And that I am willing to share it, because He is worth it. 
For me, saying “Yes” to sharing my story this coming January to a group of ladies in Spanish is one more step that I am taking to …move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity… 

And when fear begins to overwhelm me, I stop and refocus my attention back on God and His Word, where I am reminded that:

He is enough. He is trustworthy. He is worth obeying. 

When you realize there’s nowhere to go but into the arms of Jesus, you’re in good company. Stacey Thacker, author of Fresh Out of Amazing, knows what it’s like to feel closed in and worn out. She invites you to join her in exploring the refreshment awaiting every weary soul in the book of Hebrews. 

Buy your copy of “Is Jesus Worth It?” by Stacey Thacker now and read my book review here. #isJesusworthit

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