John & Barb Windler [our coworkers]

“When we first moved into the area, the Paĩ Tavyterã men I hired to help me build my home, would take their week’s pay and immediately walk over to the nearest place to purchase strong liquor and only moments later, pass out along the road home. After hearing the Gospel and accepting Christ as their Savior, their lives were transformed and are today leaders within the local church!”  

When you hear John and Barb Windler share about their ministry among the Paĩ Tavyterã since 2001, you will be challenged! Read more about what John says, 

My own life is a testimony that God can use anyone to accomplish His purposes. My language acquisition consultants didn’t leave me with much hope that I could ever communicate clearly in Guaraní. However by God’s grace, my friends came to a clear understanding of their need, and together, we grew in our knowledge of the Creator.

Barb Windler is Mike’s sister! Together with her family, they have been serving in cross-cultural ministry in Paraguay since 1991. On their 26th year anniversary in ministry, they co-founded a new organization called Partners For Paraguay with us. 

We want to encourage you to make contact with John and Barb and invite them to share about their ministry in your small group setting, in your church, or to meet over a meal or coffee.

They will be in the USA for a period of Partnership Development, which begins starting May 22nd. Join us in prayer for their need of a reliable vehicle for their travels to both the East Coast and West Coast.  

You can contact the Windlers by sending an email to:

You can also make an online donation toward their ministry here.

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