Book Review: Is Jesus Worth It?

In “Is Jesus Worth It?“, Stacey shares as one girlfriend to another how knowing Who Jesus is changes everything. He is worth seeking, worth trusting, worth following, worth drawing near, worth listening too, worth knowing intimately, worth holding fast, worth our worship, worth the sacrifice. Jesus is worth it all.
Stacey quotes, 
With no one to turn to but Jesus, I found Him profoundly faithful and deeply tender. Jesus is truly all you need.
I related to the personal story that she shared, and I could tell you personally stories when I have found myself alone, with absolutely no one to turn to but Jesus, yet in those moments, that is where I have found my faith deepen. My love for Him. My prayer life increase. Him and Him alone. In the valley, but not alone. He is enough.    

While reading “Is Jesus Worth It?“, I laughed. I cried. I desired to sit down at the feet of Jesus and soak in more of His Word – to know Him better and make Him known. I believe that some of the most encouraging words from my sweet girlfriend, Stacey, were,
I am not giving up on this race of faith. I’m going to run even if I’m bruised because I know without a shadow of doubt that Jesus is worth it. And if I happen to run by and see you have fallen to the ground, I will be the one who shakes you by the shoulders and says, Come on, get up…we have to finish this. And then we will look forward to the finish line, together.
I literally had to read that section twice, because tears had filled my eyes. This is what a girlfriend does. This is what a member of the body of Christ does.
Walks alongside another. Encourages another to press on. Finishes together. There is no one trying to out do another, no one left behind. Together, we are looking forward to the prize – Christ. He is worth it!   

I will never look at the book of Hebrews the same again. 

Stacey’s style of writing is one of my absolute favorites. She intertwines personal stories with the truths from the book of Hebrews. I am not one to read a book twice, but after 9 pages of notes reading through it a first time, I am already re-reading it a second time in order to soak in (and be reminded again) of the truth that “Yes, Jesus is worth it.” And it is definitely on my “have-to-read-yearly” list.
I highly recommend this book for any girlfriend ready to dig into the book of Hebrews and answer the question for themselves, “Is Jesus Worth It?”  
I received a complimentary review copy by the publisher and author as a part of the launch team. This review is my honest opinion.

When you realize there’s nowhere to go but into the arms of Jesus, you’re in good company. Stacey Thacker, author of Fresh Out of Amazing, knows what it’s like to feel closed in and worn out. She invites you to join her in exploring the refreshment awaiting every weary soul in the book of Hebrews. 

The Girlfriends’ Guide to the Bible series offers fresh, friendly, and faith-renewing wisdom on specific books of the Bible—perfect for individuals and women’s groups alike.

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  1. Stacey says:

    Thanks friend! I’m so grateful for you!

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