Investing in Leadership

Since 2013, our ministry focus has been on working primarily with Christian leadership. Leaders of churches, organizations, businesses, and communities. Over the past 4 years, we have seen the impact our role is having in Paraguay. The way we gauge the success of our ministry is by rejoicing in the success of those with whom we have partnered with. Our model for partnership is one of empowerment. 

This month, Mike traveled north with Cipriano Ayala and missionaries from a Paraguayan Mission agency to meet with the Pastors and leaders of 11 different Paĩ Tavyterã local churches and one Mbya Guarani church. They arranged to meet up in one of the communities with the Pastor of a local church in Pedro Juan Caballero that has been working with the Paĩ for several years. 

In the hours following, they presented the vision of RELIEP (First Nations Christian leadership network) and the importance of coming together for the defense of religious freedom, leadership training, community development, education, etc. Each community visited, expressed that they were facing challenges that were beyond their ability to handle alone and that together the Body of Christ is stronger.  

The Paĩ pastors and leaders affirmed that they would like for RELIEP to organize and facilitate a Consultation in the city where they could continue the dialogue and be more intentional. 

A few phone calls later, our partner in Pedro Juan Caballero had tentative location and dates for the first of its kind: First Nations Leadership Consultation of the Amambay region!  

It is our firm belief that the transformation of communities is a result of the transformation of its leaders. Please pray for these Paĩ Tavyterã men and women as they seek to grow in Truth.  

Be sure to read our November Newsletter for the follow-up article.   

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