If you were Guaraní…

If you were raised in the home of a traditional Guaraní family, you would not be looking forward to celebrating Christmas with your family and gift-giving around the Christmas tree. To you, that would be a very far and distant reality for only the wealthy “karaí kuera” or “white man”. Instead, your goal would be the same as every day: to go to bed with your hunger pangs satisfied. 

As a Guaraní, your beliefs revolve around the narratives your parents told you around the fireplace in the kitchen. You learned about the first man and woman and their twin boys, known today as the sun and moon. You would never need to talk to them as the Shaman is the person responsible to know the prayers and songs that are most appropriate for each and every circumstance.  That is, of course, his primary job. You, however, are more concerned with knowing exactly who is the lord of the fish, the birds, the animals, the harvest, the weather, etc. You are preoccupied with uttering the proper words, at the precise timing, to ensure success and ultimately, overcome hunger and sicknesses.  

Although you desire a better life with some comforts, your mind is ever occupied with “teko porã” or conducting your life according to the rules of a “good and holy person”. If you don’t, not only will bad things happen now in this life, but also in the afterlife where you are doomed to roam the earth as a ghost until killed by Tupã, the god of thunder. 

Your outlook on life is fatalistic because “what will be, will be”. 

Christmas, for the followers of Jesus Christ, is “Emmanuel”; God with us. The Bible describes a perfect Creator whom in spite of being high and exalted above all creation, seeks relationship with every man and woman. In His unconditional love, He chose to take on the likeness of man and live among us with the goal to provide the only way to bring us back into fellowship: through the shedding of the blood of a perfect sacrifice for the payment of sin. He is a personal God and is deeply concerned about every detail in our lives. That’s the God we joyfully serve!

Your partnership with our ministry in Paraguay brings understanding and hope to the Guarani, the Paraguayans and the First Nations groups of the Chaco.

May this Christmas bring you joy as you worship our amazing God and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Christmas greetings through video from our family to yours! Click here to watch short video clip.


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