It was exciting to witness the graduation of 24 students, who are from the Paĩ Tavyterã, Mbya Guarani, Ache, and Ava Guarani ethnic groups as well as 3 Paraguayans. A member organization of the Strategic Alliance that Mike is currently coordinating was responsible to bring this three-year Bible program to completion. 

If you would like to watch a few minutes of the 43:51 minute video Mike filmed of the event, you can follow this link:

We are very encouraged to see that God is raising up more solid Christian leadership from among the First Nations groups, and it gives us hope that we are indeed drawing nearer to seeing the vision fulfilled that God put in our hearts. 

Cipriano and Carmen Ayala with Alejo, a local church leader among the Ava Guarani

Cipriano Ayala sharing wisdom with the church association he founded 20 years ago

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