First Nations Partnerships

RELIEP (First Nations Pastors Network) organized their first regional consultation in the department of Amambay, home to many Pai Tavytera communities. (See September Newsletter for context)
Mike and Trisha drove from Asunción and spent time with Mark and Odie Goddard (Mike’s brother) and picked up several leaders for the RELIEP consultation held in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero. It had rained the day of the consultation, making it difficult for many to attend. 

Cipriano Ayala led the discussions and focused on the importance of partnership to see all the communities with access to the Gospel.  

We spent time in prayer together for each of the local churches with plans to do outreach. More regional RELIEP consultations are being planned for 2018, in addition to the National Conference planned for October. 

We continually see the “Three Waves” (western, Paraguayan, and First Nations) coming together respectfully and interdependent as God designed the Body of Christ to function. Although we all have responsibilities in our own organizations, it is a joy to have the leaders temporarily set aside their agendas and programs to see the First Nations leadership strengthened. 

Please take time to prayer for Cipriano Ayala as he leads RELIEP and future regional consultations for First Nations Christian leadership. He has a very tight budget, and it is amazing what RELIEP actually accomplishes on a “shoe-string budget”.

If you would like to partner with RELIEP and the vision to mobilize, equip, and empower First Nations Christian leadership, you can designate your gift through Partners For Paraguay in the USA or directly to Organización Ñandutí in Paraguay. 

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