Equipping Pastors and Leaders

Significant progress is being made as we strive toward empowering and equipping leadership here in Paraguay. Empowerment and equipping initiatives may take on different forms and venues; however, key elements involve personal growth and becoming clear communicators of God’s Word. We are seeing those two areas addressed through The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus seminars. 

Since receiving The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus books in Spanish (see August update), we have begun the tedious task of training pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and Christian leaders on how to teach Scriptures for lasting worldview change. Our students come away with a greater degree of commitment to Christ’s command to “make disciples” by moving beyond the goal of only seeking “decisions for Christ”. They are growing in their personal faith, and their worldview is being transformed by the Biblical narrative.

We have given three 8-hour seminars held in three different cities with a total of 56 students completing the course. We have also led four different workshops in various cities with a total of 100 students in attendance. These workshops have been from 2-4 hours in length.
Many have accepted the challenge to teach the Word of God and are using “The Stranger” as a tool. There are close to 1,000 kits (book and manual) in strategic points around Paraguay already, and we believe the impact will be significant as these men and women teach others. 

If you would like to give toward this nation-wide initiative, you can sponsor a seminar for $50 in the region of the Capital and $100 for cities close to the Argentine and Brazilian borders. The donation covers fuel expenses for our team of teachers/facilitators. 

Our ministry partners gave a Stranger on the Road to Emmaus book to all the presidents of the association of Evangelical churches from a number of countries in Ibero-america (Spain, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, etc.). 

Upcoming Seminars in 2018:
1. Iglesia El Faro: five 2-hour sessions over five weeks.
2. Couples Retreat: two days. 
3. City of Caacupe: 8-hour seminar.
4. A Missionary Training Center: 24-hour module.
5. A Bible Institute: 3 modules of 12 hours each.  

We appreciate your prayers and support! 

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