Discipling the Nations Conference 2017

We were very pleased with the attendance last week from July 21-23 at our Second National Missions Conference held in southern Paraguay! There were over 250 people from Paraguay, Argentina, and even a few from Brazil. These events provide forward momentum to the Missions Movement and a place for people to connect that are seeking God’s direction in their lives, with those involved in cross-cultural training and sending agencies. 

Our specific role was to help put the program together, oversee registration, teach a workshop, aid with logistics, and accounting. Our children were a blessing as they jumped in to help with food service, clean-up, running errands, and entertaining the younger children present.

God blessed and touched the lives of many, as the evenings were open to the community to join in and the special speakers were televised on a local Christian TV Channel and on Facebook.  

Mike taught a workshop on the Animistic worldview and strategies of communicating the Gospel. Cipriano Ayala, president of RELIEP, shared about his people, the Ava Guarani, and their views of the afterlife and struggles of proper contextualization of the Gospel.


Pastor Cipriano Ayala gave a powerful challenge using the illustration of a bow and arrow:

Arrows are nearly useless without a bow. Both are required to work together to hit the mark. The bow sends the arrow deep into the target. In the same way, the local church and the missionary must work together; the church sends out the missionary with prayer and support.

A short graduation ceremony was held one evening to recognize the hard work of 8 students of the Paraguayan cross-cultural training center called Parque de las Naciones. The young people are from Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Paraguay, including one young lady from the First Nations called Pai Tavytera. Our desire is to see this training institute full of students and additional staff to help with training and administration. Stay tuned for more information on Parque de las Naciones in future newsletters from us! 

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