Book Review: Daily Power

In “Daily Power”, Craig Groeschel encourages every believer to set aside time each day to dig into God’s Word, to become learners of the Word, and to remember that the Holy Spirit lives inside each of us, empowering us to live out the truth of God’s Word.
Craig says,
He [God] delights in teaching us His truth. Through His Word, we have the opportunity to study His many lessons, each day discovering a new insight for a fresh angle to His truth that endures forever.
In a world that is full of discouragement and hopelessness, I find true hope in God and His Word. My worldview (the way that I see the world) is transformed with a Biblical worldview, as I learn more about God through His Word, which becomes my foundation and the truth that I stand on.
I learn to daily die to myself, knowing that my hope is in God.
I am empowered by Him, the Holy Spirit, to live out God’s truth daily. 
Craig’s style of writing is refreshing and empowering. The “Daily Power” devotional is a tool for spiritual growth written to enrich your daily time with God and His Word. Craig states in one of the devotionals:
We don’t have to be perfect; we just need to rely on God as the source of our daily power.
365 daily devotionals – each one with a daily Bible verse, practical application, which is usually brought out through real life stories, and a “live it out” reflection prayer at the end. Get “Daily Power” today. It is for every believer – adult or teen – who is ready to be challenged to grow and become transformed by God’s Word. 
I received a complimentary review copy by the publisher. This review is my honest opinion.

Learn more about the book “Daily Power” and author, Craig Groeschel here: Daily Power

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