Birth of a Movement – RELIEP JOVEN

The young First Nation leaders, along with some of the older Pastors, discussed and prayed about the need to engage the youth to a greater degree in fulfilling the Great Commission and development. They agreed that an ideal time to bring RELIEP Joven (Youth) into practical service would be to serve during the National Conference in 2018 and make it a point to come together a day or two earlier to worship and have a time of studying the Word of God. 

Edgar arrived the first day to the IFILM training very shy and withdrawn, but by the final day, he volunteered to lead the group in a devotional and sang a special number with a guitar! Edgar is a key player for the young people’s missions movement among the Pai Tavytera and in his home church in Jakaira. 

The IFILM project had a surplus of donations come in to cover expenses, so the leaders of RELIEP decided to open up a special account for the young people as they get RELIEP Joven off the ground and begin mobilizing. 

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