My parents and family claimed that I was betraying them!

These were the words of a Christian school teacher as she wrapped up the Chapel session where we were invited to talk about missions among the First Nations of Paraguay.

My husband and I decided to spend Christmas with my family and travel interior for a few days during New Years to spend time with his parents. My parents were distraught that we would deprive them of their rights to have us all to themselves. And to think that missionaries don’t leave for just a weekend, but for years at a time, far, far away from all their family members!  

The challenge to the 7th to 12th graders who were listening was powerful.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices when called to take the Gospel into other regions of our country or into other countries around the world. 

The Chaplain invited the young people to take up an offering and sacrifice their soda and candy for the day, to help support the Goddard family as they minister among the First Nations leaders of Paraguay. The offering came to $8 USD, a real amazing amount for such a small group. This money will be used to support RELIEP’s project to train around 15 people to produce films as a medium of sharing the Gospel.

Check out the project here, and consider giving up a soda today by donating online.

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