Be Brave

As we headed to a Pastors and Leaders retreat with my family, I had to keep telling myself,

I choose to be brave.

It was a retreat with all Spanish speakers, most of whom I knew, yet I did not want to go.

WHAT! A missionary that speaks Spanish, has lived in Paraguay for almost 13 years and whose main ministry focus is Paraguayan churches and First Nation churches! Yup. Newsflash: Missionaries are normal humans too!

Yet after arriving, God used that day and a half to show me what an awesome role my husband has and the unique opportunity that God has given us to influence and participate in what God is doing in the hearts of Paraguayan pastors and leaders.

And in that moment, I no longer had to choose to brave as I was reminded that this is where God has me, as stretching as it can be. 

During that same week, I recorded (with the help of my amazing husband) a Spanish video clip for a group of ladies in Uruguay. This is definitely not something that I would not normally “do”, yet because a friend extended the invitation, I knew God wanted me to do it, ALL for His honor and glory. 

Watch the Spanish video clip here:


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