August Ministry Activities

On our way back home from an Ache community, we stopped by a Mennonite community where MOVIDA had organized a youth missions event. Mike shared two messages and workshop on Evangelism for the young people receiving the training. We are excited that many young people from Mennonite churches are being called into full-time, cross-cultural ministry. 

We partnered with RELIEP to jointly sponsor Marciano Chevugi to receive Fundacion Caracter’s computer training provided for Christian leaders. They teach the basics of operating a laptop, how to use powerpoints, use Bible programs, and make videos. A Christian businessman subsidizes the costs of the laptop and projector for greater affordability. 

Mike received a call from a Chamacoco friend asking him to visit his pastor and wife who was very ill and in a hospital about an hour drive from our home. We encountered a very discouraged man. All he needed was to know God loved him and that he hasn’t been forgotten.The food that we took them as well as the time of prayer together was just what he and his wife needed! 

Once a year, many organizations come together to spend 24 hours in prayer for Paraguay. Mike has been responsible to lead in prayer for the 19 First Nations people groups in Paraguay during this yearly event. We believe the reason God is working so mighty in Paraguay is due to prayer.

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