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Mike grew up in Paraguay. His grandparents first moved to Paraguay in 1955 and worked among some of the most feared people groups of that time. His parents, a few years later, chose to serve in Paraguay and gave the best of their years to 4 different people groups.

Mike grew up in a small Ache village and later went on to live among the Guaraní-speaking Paraguayan and Paí Tavytera people. Among his most cherished childhood memories is hanging out with his Ache buddies and exploring the jungle with machete in hand.

Mike received Christ as his Savior at an early age when he realized his sin was an offense to God and that He provided His Son Jesus as a sacrifice. Later he was baptized alongside several Ache believers in a small creek in the village he grew up in. Throughout his early teen years, he realized that God could use him in full time cross-cultural work and began to make preparations to attain that goal.   In 1996, he returned to the USA to study theology and take an intensive 2-year course in Intercultural Studies.

It was during this period of training and preparation that he met…


Trisha was born in Michigan to Christian parents. At the age of 5, while listening with her sister to a song called Watch the Lamb, she asked her father about the meaning of the Lamb and His sacrifice on the cross. That night, she accepted Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb who paid for her sin.

Trisha’s parents made the decision to work in full-time Christian service with New Tribes Mission and served in multiple locations, including Wisconsin. Throughout Trisha’s early teen years, she went on three different short-term missions trips. Each of these trips combined left a lasting impression upon her life and decided to serve God in full-time Christian service.

During high-school she realized that even though she could not leave home and share the Gospel with remote tribal groups, she could pray and financially support a missionary. Upon completion of high school, she began Biblical studies at New Tribes Bible Institute.

mtwedding1Mike and Trisha met in Wisconsin while Mike was serving as a cook at New Tribes Bible Institute.

“She was one of the few people who would consistently thank the kitchen staff after eating a meal in the school cafeteria,” Mike observed. “I had to get to know her!” 

“The first thing I noticed about Mike was his joy while serving others, and of course, my mom pointed him out to me as being a ‘godly man’.”

Mike and Trisha were married in the Spring of 2001 and set out together to complete their Intercultural Studies.

Mid-2004, the Goddard family was commissioned and sent out to serve in Paraguay, by Grace Gospel Church of Huntington, West Virginia and by a group of strategic churches and partners.

After a period of Spanish study, Mike and Trisha assisted New Tribes Mission of Paraguay in a campaign to recruit missionaries and mobilize and equip Paraguayan Latin churches in intercultural ministry.

In 2012, the Goddards stepped out by faith into a new arena of ministry with ALTECO Amazon and Lowland Tribal Empowerment Coalition, which provided them with greater contact with First Nations Christian leaders, where they helped Pastor Cipriano Ayala of the Ava Guarani, to develop Paraguay’s First Nations Christian Leadership Network called RELIEP. They also facilitated several consultations that eventually lead to the formation of a Strategic Alliance between mission agencies and individuals desiring to see First Nations churches successful.  

During this time, in 2014, Mike and two Paraguayan leaders revived Organización Ñandutí, a Paraguayan non-profit, that had been legalized in 2008 but needed fresh leadership to bring it back. Under Mike’s leadership, Organización Ñandutí began carrying out the vision to see the Gospel transform lives and communities for God’s glory.

In 2016, with the blessing of their sending church, Mike and Trisha, together with John and Barbara Windler (Mike’s sister), founded Partners For Paraguay, a unique organization incorporated in the USA, that seeks to partner with local churches, organizations, and individuals as they train, equip and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached with the Gospel.


Mike’s passion is to serve others and lead them into reaching their fullest potential as God’s creation. He is Executive Director of Organización Ñandutí, Vice President and Director of Partners For Paraguay, Project Manager, Bible teacher, mission mobilizer, survey work, consultant, and an adviser for several organizations. He enjoys photography, web design, and networking with like-minded people.

Trisha’s passion is serving God wholeheartedly with her family and in ministry. She homeschools their three children, serves as Mike’s secretary, and is a virtual assistant for two organizations. She enjoys writing articles, opening her home to hospitality, reading books late into the night, and networking on social media.

Mike and Trisha are the proud parents of three MKs (Missionary Kids), whom love the Lord and want God to use their lives for His glory. They often travel with their parents to rural First Nations communities and are willing to sleep on the floor or in a tent.

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